Frequently Asked Questions


How do I claim my medical device through my insurance company

  • 1. Send us an email with your full name and a picture of your receipt of purchase and request a medical invoice.
  • 2. Wait 3-10 business days for our support team to send you an invoice of your purchase with all the information insurance companies require in order to submit the claim.
  • 3. Provide that invoice to your insurance
  • Note - most insurance companies require a prescription prior to the claim submission


How do I purchase your products online?

if you are interested in purchasing our IQ MASSAGER products, go to or contact us via email at for our most recent promotions. 

For our other products - we are a distribution company and mainly focus on wholesale, and promoting our products at events, therefore we do not sell our products on this website. You can contact us via email at or call us at +17807600976 to make a purchase.


How does your warranty work?

Most of our products have a great warranty of 5 years or a lifetime warranty. Contact us at for more information